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Hosanna AME Church
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Our History

Church History

In the year of our Lord 1880, our forefathers saw a need for a better place in which to worship God. The Hosanna Church lot on which the building is erected was sold to the Trustees of the church.

Records show that Hosanna African Methodist Episcopal Church was then incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland on July 15, 1882. The Incorporation Certificate cites that a corporation was formed for religious purposes and elected the first Board of Trustees, who were as follows: Jacob F. Lee, Sylvester Washington, William E. Bond, Hampton Washington and Joseph Peaco (spelling of name changed from that of the deed).

For many years, Hosanna was on a circuit with Stewartsville, better known as Gravel Hill. After a number of years, the circuit was divided into two stations, Hosanna and Stewartsville. The churches remained separate for a number of years, and then united to provide additional financial support for a minister. In fact, they remained together until Hosanna was put on a circuit with Mt. Zoar of Conowingo. Hosanna has now been separate for a period of over 45 years.

Much time was spent in worship in the early years, for services were held two or three times on Sundays and at least one night each week. During those years, there were many faithful workers who made outstanding financial contributions for the support of the church. These pioneers, who had great faith in God, were never idle they spent much of their time visiting the sick and helping the needy.

Besides the dedicated and faithful members in Hosanna over the years, the church has been blessed by some very exceptional pastors, each of whom has made important contributions to the church. These contributions range from the basics of paint and roof shingles to the “luxuries” of running water, restrooms, and a central heating system. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of Hosanna’s pastors:

Rev. Banks

Rev. Green

Rev. Queen

Rev. Wheatly

Rev. James Scott 1903-1906

Rev. George Michaelson

Rev. A.A. Murray

Rev. J.R. Nelson

Rev. Bundick

Rev. F.S. Dennis 1915

Rev. E.N. Thomas 1919

Rev. W.H. Trusty

Rev. Ford

Rev. Jackson

Rev. Davis

Rev. Traverse

Rev. Waldon

Rev. Menefee 1927

Rev. Waters

Rev. Miles

Rev. Anderson 1937

Rev. Holden

Rev. W.E. Mosley

Rev. R.A. Riddick

Rev. R.M. Smith 1944

Rev. J.L. Young

Rev. M.A. Camper 1947

Rev. M.C. Swann 1947 – 1949

Rev. H.R. Tomlin 1950 – 1951

Rev. M.C. Carpentier

Rev. Henry Thomas 1951 – 1967

Rev. Norman Blackston 1967 – 1974

Rev. David Offut 1974 – 1990

Rev. John E. Brown, Jr. 1990 – 2012

Rev. Johnie Branch 2012-2018

Rev Dr. Peter G. Taylor-2019-2022

Rev William L. Fisher-2022

Hosanna AME Church
2418 Castleton Road
Darlington, MD 21034
About Us:

The mission of our church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading the good news of Christ's redeeming gospel through the preached word and outreach ministries and activities. Christ has called us to seek and to save all those who will believe and call on the name of Jesus and accept Him as Savior and Lord!

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